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Savannah cats are a large breed, with males weighing between 12-20 pounds and females weighing between 8-12 pounds. They are taller than most domestic cat breeds, with long legs and a sleek body that is built for speed and agility. Their size and athleticism make them great companions for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and want a cat that can keep up with them. Despite their size, Savannah cats are also known for their grace and elegance, making them a visually stunning addition to any household.  F3-F4 savannah cats tend to be the perfect size for any normal household, striking a great compromise between begin large and easy to manage.

Bullseye F4 Savannah Cat


Savannah cats have a unique and exotic appearance that sets them apart from other cat breeds. They have a distinctive coat pattern, with bold spots and stripes that resemble their wild ancestor, the African Serval. Their coat can come in a variety of colors, including brown, silver, black, and smoke, with some cats even having a marble pattern. In addition to their coat, Savannah cats also have large ears, a long neck, and a slender body that give them a regal and elegant appearance. Their unique appearance and stunning markings make them a popular choice for those looking for an exotic and visually appealing pet.


Savannah cats have a short and silky coat that is easy to maintain. Their coat is dense and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including brown, silver, black, and smoke. They also have distinctive spots and stripes that resemble their wild ancestor, the African Serval. Savannah cats shed seasonally, and regular grooming is recommended to help keep their coat healthy 

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