We rotate our queens with the males to socialize them and to produce a variety of color combinations and personalities.


Simba is the most unique Savannah cat we have ever seen. His dark, chocolate spots, rich brown coat and lion's head make him stand out. 

F4 Male


The newest stud to our Savannah family. Bagheera is a beautiful silver stud with dark black spots. He is incredibly social, cuddly and intelligent. Acquired from Cairo Exotics.

F6 SBT Male


Nala is our lean and sleek ballerina, very poised and very sociable. She has a buttery, light brown coloring with brown spots. Her kittens are a mixture of browns and tend to take on her tall, lean physique.

F5 SBT Female


Zephyr has a very distinct face, wild-looking coat and is large in size with long legs. She has a silver coat with black spots. 

F2 Female


The newest addition to our Savannah family. Zamira is a beautiful Queen with a golden coat, dark black spots and a lovely social personality. Acquired from Cairo Exotics. 

F3 Female


Jaja is our chatterbox, very social and cuddly. With her slightly silver coat and black spots, Jaja produces litters with some silver and some gold kittens that are also sociable and cuddly. 

F4 SBT Female