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Savannah cats are the hybrid descendants of an African Serval and an Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Oriental Shorthair, or Domestic Shorthair. The Savannah currently ranks as the 4th most popular breed of The International Cat Association (TICA).

Savannah cats are a cat breed that has gained popularity since their development in the 1980s. They are a cross between a domestic cat and a wild African serval. The first Savannah cat was created by Judee Frank by mating a Siamese cat and a serval. This kitten was named Savannah and became the foundation for the breed. The aim of breeders was to refine the traits that make the Savannah cat unique.


The serval is known for its appearance, agility, and hunting skills. It has long legs, large ears, and a spotted coat. By crossbreeding the serval and the domestic cat, breeders were able to create a cat with a wild appearance and a friendly temperament.

The breed was first established in the United States but has since spread to other parts of the world. The International Cat Association (TICA) has established breed standards for the Savannah cat, and many cat associations recognize the breed.


The appearance of the Savannah cat is one of the most striking things about it. They have long and slender bodies, large ears, and distinctive coat markings. They can come in a range of colors, such as brown, silver, and black. The spots and stripes on their coats resemble those of their serval ancestors. Savannah cats are also larger than most domestic cats, with some individuals weighing up to 30 pounds.

Savannah cats are intelligent and curious, with friendly and social personalities. They enjoy interacting with their owners and exploring their environment. They are active and require lots of mental and physical stimulation to remain healthy and happy.

Savannah cats are a relatively new breed, but their unique appearance and friendly personality have made them a popular choice among cat enthusiasts worldwide.

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