Savannah kittens for sale!

F3 & F4 Kittens Available Soon!
We are expecting F3 & F4 kittens mid-April 2022.  Deposits for F3 kitten are $1,200 and F4 are $500.  Contact us to put a deposit and get priority on picking a kitten.

Rhapsody - High % F3 - $5,500 - Kept as a breeder
Rhapsody is VERY social and loves to play.  She is also quite affection and loves to be pet and enjoys human interaction.  She is very large and has great markings.  She is on the left and her mom is on the right.

Teddy - High % F5 - $1,700 - Sold To Orange County
Teddy has great marking and is very affectionate and has a large face and body.  He was BOTTLE FED so had great human imprinting.  We planned to keep Teddy as a breeder but have decided to sell him as a pet instead.  He is 2 years old, but still very impressionable and will fit well into any home. 

Spike - Male F6 SBT - Sold to Reno
Spike has a beautiful silver coat with well defined black spots and a rare brown nose.  He is very playful and energetic, but also loves to snuggle.

Kojak - Male F5 SBT - $2,450 - SOLD

Kojak a little lazy but loves to play with a variety of toys -  string is his favorite but bell balls are fun for him as well. He enjoys acting tougher than the other cats but is a love bug like his daddy.

Chloe - Female F6 SBT - SOLD

Chloe is a very sweet and affectionate girl.  She has beautiful full markings and a trademark Savannah face.

Luna - Female F5 SBT - SOLD

Luna is by far the most beautiful kitten we have ever bred.  She is silver with well defined black spots and has a black nose.  She is very fun and playful and is a great snuggler. 

Galaxy- Male F5 SBT - SOLD

Galaxy loves to play has longer hair them his brother. Perfect cat box trained. Favorite past time jumping, running, climbing and chasing other kittens.

Blitzen - Male F5 SBT -$1,950 - Sold to San Jose

Blitzen has a very striking and beautiful rare silver coat.  He is super playful and very high energy - he will make a great addition to a playful home.

Dancer - Male F5 SBT -$2,250 - Sold to Canada

Dancer is an absolute sweetheart - he was bottle-fed from a very young age which makes him very social.  He has great markings and a very affectionate personality. This little cuddle-bug is looking for his forever home.  

Callisto - Female F5 SBT - SOLD

Callisto has such great markings we were going to keep her as a breeder but decided we had enough breeders.  We are now selling her discounted since she is almost 1 year old. Looking to cuddle when she is tired, super sweet, well rounded, playful and easy going. Loves people, very talkative. Stunning golden color with black spots.