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Pricing on our Savannah kittens is determined first by the percentage of Serval measured by filial number (F5, F4, etc.)  All of our kittens are bred from both a Savannah sire and dame which causes high-percentage breeding.  This means our F5s are actually a percentage between F5 and F4.  Likewise our F4s, F3s, etc. are more purebred than normal kittens of the same F#.  


The variability of price for kittens in the same litter is driven by the size and individual markings of each kitten.  We set price ranges which are adjusted for each kitten.  This ensure the runts of each litter go to good homes as soon as they are ready, just the same as the largest from the same litter by making them more affordable.

Our kittens are generally priced higher than many other Savannah breeders because we believe in the quality of our kittens.  We have had only 100% satisfied buyers.  Don't be fooled by more affordable kittens, you absolutely get what you pay for and if you want a high-quality kitten look no further.


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