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Savannah Kitten


Trusted Breeder of Savannah Cats

Monterey Savannahs is known nation-wide as a high-quality breeder of Savannah Cats and member of The International Cat Association. We have been breeding for over 5 years with great success and have developed excellent breeding lines.  We have over 5,000 likes on Facebook and have placed over 60 kittens successfully in happy, loving homes.  We are so confident in the quality and treatment of our kittens that we completely guarantee the happiness of all our customers.  Before placing a kitten we require customers agree to a contract which protects the health and happiness of the kitten throughout its lifetime.

Large & Wild Looking Cats

Savannah Cats are a newer breed that was first created in the late '80s by cross-breeding an African Serval and a house-cat. Savannahs are very highly sought-after for many reasons including their large size and unique appearance. Savannahs hold the record for being the tallest cats of any breed and are also of the most expensive cats. The demand for Savannahs is very high because they are such amazing animals with incredible personalities. The supply of high quality Savannahs is low due to how difficult it is to breed a serval and house-cat.  No other domesticated animal has such incredible intelligence, beautiful markings with very large dark spots, distinguished ears, wild face, and tall, lean body type.  

Caring and Involved Breeder

All of our breeders are free to roam on a large farm with plenty of space.  Our Savannah cats are raised undertfoot and are very well socialized with humans and other animals.  Our cats are loved and played with constantly from day one and are raised by our caregiver who has over 40 years experience raising animals on a farm. We typically only breed 4-5 litters a year so we are able to focus on ensuring our kittens get all the attention required to be well adapted to humans and grow to be strong and healthy. 

Larger Purebred Savannah Cats

We breed our F2 and F3 queens to our F4 tom to create F5 Savannah cats that are a higher percentage serval than normal F5s.  Because both cats involved in the breeding process are Savannahs we are also able to create SBTs.  SBT  (Stud Book Traditional) Savannahs are cats who have not had any breeding of outside breeds besides Savannah for 3 or more generations and are considered purebred Savannahs. SBTs are the only type of Savannah recognized by the The International Cat Association for competitions.  SBTs are less susceptible to health issues and are generally larger than non-SBT kittens who are generationally closer to Servals.  


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Savannah Kitten

Check out photos of our little celebrity: Bullseye the Savannah Cat on Instagram.

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