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All About the Relationship

Why adopt a savannah kitten? Because relationships are everything and savannah cats make excellent companions...

Snuggly Savannah Kitten
Snuggly Savannah Kitten

Intelligent Playmates

Savannah cats are extremely intelligent and love to spend time with their companions. While many of the personality traits of Savannahs have been observed in other breeds of cats, Savannahs consistently have unique traits. Savannahs can be easily taught to play fetch with cat toys. At one point our Savannah boy Bullseye taught himself to fetch a ball and come back and drop it on our bed. This quickly became a morning routine typically lasting over 10 minutes. Bullseye also learned, quite effortlessly, to walk on a leash and pace himself keeping perfect distance from me and maintain consistent spacing from the edge of a road.

Crazy Affectionate, Snuggle Buddies

Anyone who has spent any time with a Savannah will attest that there is something very different about the way they show affection. Savannahs learn new ways to express themself constantly and month-to-month are growing and changing like a small toddler. Our Savannah has learned to warp both of his arms around our necks when snuggle as if to give us a hug. He is completely comfortable being held back down like a baby and will rush to the tub and stand on the side when anyone takes a shower.

Constantly Involved

Savannahs need to be around their owners and are known for following people around the house. After return home from work the greeting you can expect is similar to that of a dog. Be prepared to spent 5-10 minutes everyday snuggling and playing anytime you leave your Savannah alone for a few hours. Regardless of the activity, your Savannah will seek to be around and participate. It is common in our house to have our Savannah hang out in the kitchen when we are cooking, sit on our lap while watching TV, and snuggle in bed.

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